Fujitsu Free Money 2022 is back

Attention Siv Air – Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Customers!

Fujitsu Free Money 2022 is back. Right now when you buy an eligible Fujitsu Air Conditioner from Siv Air you’ll receive a digital prepaid Mastercard worth up to $450*. Simply purchase an eligible Fujitsu General Cooling Only Inverter Split System, Reverse Cycle Inverter Split System, Inverter Multi Split System, or Ducted System between 9:00am AEDT Friday 1st April to 4:59pm AEST Monday 1st August 2022.

Fujitsu Air Conditioner Free Money 2022 Key Promotion Details

  • Your claim must be lodged by 4:59pm AEST Friday 30th September 2022.
  • Your claim will be validated within 4 weeks of submission.
  • If you have selected to receive a physical prepaid Mastercard, it will be mailed to the address stated on your claim within 4 weeks from claim approval notification.
  • If you have selected to receive a digital prepaid Mastercard, it will be delivered to you within 1 week of claim approval notification via SMS to the Australian mobile phone number submitted with the claim.
  • Please see eligible model listing for further details in regard to your reward entitlement.

Why should you purchase a Fujitsu Air Conditioner?

Fujitsu General air conditioning products deliver performance and efficiencies of world class standard which is why more and more people are enjoying Fujitsu Comfort in their homes and work places. Voted Australia’s most trusted brand in Air Conditioner by Reader’s Digest for the last 4 consecutive years (2018, 2019. 2020 and 2021), Fujitsu has a product to suit just about any need. They have also won multiple awards for product performance and efficiency. It is for these reasons that Siv Air – Air Conditioning and Refrigeration – Cairns choose to specialise in Fujitsu.

Did you know that Siv Air not only install but also supply Fujitsu Air Conditioners. For professional room sizing as well as an obligation free quote contact Siv Air today.


Fujitsu Air Conditioner Promotion – Summer Coolit 2022

Cairns Residents – Right now when you buy an eligible Fujitsu air conditioner you’ll receive a digital prepaid Mastercard worth up to $150*

Does Your AC Smell Strange? Funny AC Smells and What They Mean

Turning on your air conditioning unit may seem like the perfect complement to a hot and sweaty day– that is, until you start noticing a funky smell fill the room. In the sunny and sometimes humid city of Cairns, such smells can mean going through a dreadful experience of either bearing the stench, or enduring the heat.

It is not a problem to be shrugged off, either, as these odors are clues to underlying issues your air conditioning system might need help with. Not only that, but these odors can be toxic to your health.

Thankfully, these “odor clues” are distinct and familiar smells that can lead you straight to the root of the problem. Ready to see the kinds of smells to watch out for? If so, read on.

Mildew / Mould / Dirty Socks

If your nose picks up the scent of mildew, mould, or even dirty socks whenever you power up your AC, it is very likely that the moisture inside your AC system has pooled up enough to cultivate mould and other microbes, all of which are not good for your lungs when inhaled. These microbes can grow anywhere, from your AC’s filters to its ducts and/or drain pans. In order to thoroughly clean through your AC system, it is best to call professionals who know the ins and outs of any given air conditioning unit.

Rotten Eggs / Trash

Believe it or not, your AC unit is an attractive home to little critters such as birds, insects, and lizards. Some of them, however, don’t make it out alive, eventually causing your AC to emit an odor similar to the scent of rotten eggs and trash. To reduce the odds of having the stench stick to any clothes and furniture, turn off the AC and open the windows to clear out the smell. It is best to call aircon servicing specialists to handle removing the unfortunate animals from inside your AC system. Also calling pest control specialists and inquiring about pest-proofing can help prevent this from happening in the future.


Does it smell like something is burning? Turn off your air conditioning immediately as this is a huge cause for alarm.

Your AC unit is made up of electrical wires and components, so chances are, something inside your AC might have overheated, short-circuited, or even caught fire. To stay on the safe side, call your nearest fire department. Once the scent dies down, call a professional aircon servicing team to investigate the insides of your system.

Professional Aircon Servicing for your Cairns Home!

Siv Air’s aircon servicing professionals are trained to handle your AC troubles with our expert know-how and top notch equipment. We value your safety; every service we offer comes with a thorough inspection of your AC unit, from checking blockages to making sure that the proper electrical current is being drawn. Another pride of ours is that we use all-natural tea tree products which not only help kill bacteria and other microorganisms to be wary of, but they also ensure that the cleaning process and subsequent AC usage will not chemically harm you in any way. 
With services ranging from basic cleaning to an even more intense hydro cleaning, and finally going above and beyond with strip and chemical cleaning, rest assured, your AC will be clean as new, guaranteed to give you cleaner, healthier, and better air. Contact us today for a quote from one of our specialists.

Do I Need to Replace My Air Conditioner?

Your air conditioning system won’t last forever. At some point, you will need to replace the system for the sake of efficiency, renovations, or even due to outright failure of the unit. It’s important to realize when your air conditioner is near the end of its useful life before it completely breaks down and you’re left sweating in the heat.

Let’s take a look at some telltale signs your air conditioning system needs replacing:

Signs You Need A New Air Conditioner

There are some rather clear signs that your air conditioning is not functioning the way it should. In some cases, only a minor fix is needed. Other times, the unit as a whole needs to be replaced. Here are the signs to look for when deciding if you need a new air conditioner.

1. It’s Producing Strange Sounds

A fully functional air conditioning system should operate in almost complete silence. If you’re familiar with your unit, you’ll recognize the little sounds it makes as it cycles. These sounds will be a regular part of your air conditioning’s life.

It’s when you hear other noises different from these normal sounds that you need to inspect the unit. Small noise changes could simply be the sign of something that needs repair. For example, there could be a loose part inside the unit, the fan may not be working properly, or an internal component could be clogged with dirt.

However, if the noise is more out of the ordinary such as grinding, rattling, screeching, ticking, or buzzing, this can indicate a serious problem that means you need to replace the unit.

2. Leaking And Excess Moisture

For some air conditioners, a small amount of condensation or water dripping on the unit is normal. However, your air conditioning unit should stay dry when it’s being used and when it’s idle. If you notice a leak, a sudden increase in condensation, or moisture inside the house, it may be time to look for a replacement.

Electrical components and water do not go well together. As such, you should have the unit inspected by a professional air conditioning technician straight away. Units can spring refrigerant leaks, which should only ever be handled by a professional due to their potential health and safety risks. Your air conditioning repair technician will locate the source of the leak and determine if a new unit is the best choice or if a simple repair will do the trick.

3. Reduced Airflow

Check your air conditioner to see if there is little or no cool air coming out of the vents. A noticeable decrease in airflow could be a sign that your air conditioner’s compressor is near the end of its life.

If your thermostat is set to a moderate temperature and your home is still too warm, then your air conditioning unit is not working at its intended level. Check the filters first to see if they need to be replaced. If they aren’t to blame, however, your unit may have reached the end of it’s efficient life, and it may well be time to replace it.

4. Fluctuating Temperatures

A common problem with an older air conditioning unit is that it simply won’t cool or heat. It may still produce good air levels, but the air isn’t coming at the temperature it should based on the settings. You may occasionally experience warm air on a cool setting (a cause for concern), but if your unit stops producing any cool air altogether, it’s time to call in a professional to have a look. The same applies to a lack of heating. In some cases, the problem may be low refrigerant levels. However, the presence of warm air when the system is set for cooling can indicate a big problem such as a damaged compressor.

You’ll also want to look out for inconsistent temperatures. Your air conditioner is designed to provide consistent air temperatures at the settings you select. When certain areas become cold zones, and others don’t get any cool air at all, your air conditioning unit may need to be replaced. If your system is producing inconsistent or warm air, inspect the filters, condensation drains, valves, and coils for airflow obstructions.

5. Your Energy Bills Are Increasing

Even when your air conditioning seems to be functioning fine, one of the clearest signs there could be a serious problem is your energy bill. If your bill has suddenly increased for no apparent reason, there could be a problem with your unit.

Conduct an energy audit and consider if there are other factors that could be responsible for the increase. If it appears that your air conditioning is the reason behind a spike in energy costs you will want to determine why it is losing efficiency.

In some cases, it could be overworking. Reduced cooling capacity will raise energy costs as your unit struggles to maintain your desired temperature. You can try replacing the filters, cleaning the air vents, and checking for knots in the condensing coil. For those with older homes with older AC units, it could also be the case that your unit is near the end of its service life and simply lacks the efficiency to cool your home properly as a result. 

6. Strange Smells

Like odd noises, unusual smells can be a sign your air conditioning or ducts need replacing. Unpleasant smells can mean that the unit’s insulation is damaged or that the ductwork is moldy. Mold, mildew, and dirt inside your unit can circulate contaminated air throughout your home and cause serious health issues for you and your family.

Strange smells could simply be the result of a filter that needs replacing. Check the filters first but if the smell persists it may be time to replace the unit or your ducting.

7. It Need Frequent Repairs

Your air conditioning unit should be serviced once a year to ensure it’s in good condition. You may need an extra repair here or there but if your unit is in constant need of mending you will likely be better off replacing it with a  new one. This is especially true if the unit needs a major repair after its warranty expires. Opting for a new air conditioner is often more cost-efficient than expensive repairs on an older unit.

8. The Unit Is Old

In Cairns air conditioning is a must, especially in the hotter months. The average air conditioning unit lasts between 7 and 10 years, depending on its usage and environmental conditions, and the average warranty from major manufacturers is only 5 years. There have been a lot of advancements in technology in the past decade, so if you’re using an older model you’re missing out on some useful features and incredible energy efficiency improvements. Newer models are built to be much more energy-efficient and come in more compact styles as well. If you have an older unit, consider making an upgrade to take advantage of these benefits. It may end up saving you far more than the cost of the unit. 

Don’t Wait To Take Care Of Your Air Conditioning Unit

If any of these issues apply to your unit, it’s time to have it inspected by a professional. Siv Air offers a range of air conditioning services to help ensure your aircon is up and running when you need it most. 

Our qualified technicians have the expertise needed to diagnose and repair faulty systems to get them back to peak performance. We also offer hydro clean services to improve the overall efficiency of your system and flush out pollutants, dirt and other contaminants that can lurk in your air conditioning unit. 

We know how important it is to keep your home cool and keep your energy bills low. Whether it’s for a small bedroom, large living area or commercial space, Siv Air can not only install but supply you with affordable air conditioning systems from brands you can trust. If it’s time to upgrade that old AC unit, we’ve got you covered.

Contact us to learn more about how our air conditioning and refrigeration services can help you stay cool all year long.