Fujitsu Free Money 2022 is back

Attention Siv Air – Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Customers! Fujitsu Free Money 2022 is back. Right now when you buy an eligible Fujitsu Air Conditioner from Siv Air you’ll receive a digital prepaid Mastercard worth up to $450*. Simply purchase an eligible Fujitsu General Cooling Only Inverter Split System, Reverse Cycle Inverter Split System, Inverter […]

Fujitsu Air Conditioner Promotion – Summer Coolit 2022

Cairns Residents – Right now when you buy an eligible Fujitsu air conditioner you’ll receive a digital prepaid Mastercard worth up to $150*

Air Conditioner Remote Control Settings

Ever wondered what all the buttons on your air conditioner remote control mean and what they do?  In this article we will explain what each symbol means. Universal On/Off Button  The power button on your air conditioner remote control turns the air conditioner on and off Heating / Cooling Snow Flake Symbol – The Snow Flake […]

What is the best air conditioning brand in Australia?

Fujitsu General Remains Australia’s Most Trusted Air Conditioning Brand.  Fujitsu General, has received the ultimate seal of approval. Once again Fujitsu has been voted by Australian’s as the 2021 Reader’s Digest Most Trusted Brand: Air Conditioning. This is the 4th consecutive year Fujitsu has been rated #1 in this category. About Fujitsu Fujitsu General Australia strives to consistently provide high quality, energy efficient and […]

Fujitsu Free Money 2021 is back

Cairns Residents – Right now when you buy an eligible Fujitsu air conditioner you’ll receive a digital prepaid Mastercard worth up to $450*

Cairns – Outdoor Humidity And How It Can Affect Your AC Unit

Air conditioners are a common sight in Cairns. Residents know to reach for the AC when humidity rises. But for all the relief an AC unit can bring you during times of peak heat, they aren’t immune to humidity either. Outdoor Humidity can affect your AC unit. If a cooling unit isn’t maintained correctly, you may […]

AC tips for renters in Queensland

Anyone who has spent a summer in Queensland knows how important it is to access a quality air conditioner. Many landlords understand this and include AC units on their properties.  If you’re renting in Queensland and your landlord has included an air conditioner as part of your lease, here are some tips you should know […]

Factors to Keep in Mind When Installing a New Air Conditioner

During the hot season, having air conditioning in your home helps combat those hot 40 degree days, providing a place for you to cool down and relax. Keeping your home cool enables you to sleep better and creates a more enjoyable space overall. Once you’ve decided to install a new air conditioner, you need to […]

Commercial Air Conditioning Systems – Everything you need to know

Every commercial building has its own unique needs. If you’re building a new facility or updating your cooling system, it’s important to learn about your options and make the best choice for your space, your customers, and your staff. We’re going to give you an overview of some of the most common types of commercial […]

11 Strange Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning and Heating are keystone technologies in the modern age. Our comfortable offices, workspaces, and homes demonstrate how important air control is in day-to-day living. Air conditioning has a long and fascinating history and plays an important role in everyone’s lives. Here are a few of the coolest facts you might not know about […]

Air Conditioning Problems – Cairns, Queensland

The blistering heat of summer can be a sweltering nightmare for anyone, especially if you live in Cairns, or the surrounding Queensland area. A home with a sound AC system can make a world of difference. But what about when you have Air Conditioning Problems and it doesn’t cool well? Cooling problems are often the […]

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Air Conditioner Breakdowns

There are plenty of tips and tricks we recommend at home to keep your air conditioner from landing you in an inconvenient situation. Keeping your air conditioner in top shape around the summer is an important practice. While the good weather means plenty of fun and activities to be had outside, having your air conditioner […]