Fujitsu Free Money 2021 is back

Cairns Residents – Right now when you buy an eligible Fujitsu air conditioner you’ll receive a digital prepaid Mastercard worth up to $450*

Ergon Energy PeakSmart

Get up to $400 cashback!

PeakSmart is a new solution to help manage peak demand on the electricity network. You can get cashback when you install a PeakSmart air conditioner OR convert your existing air conditioner to PeakSmart..

If you’re connected to our network and you install a new PeakSmart air conditioner, or convert an existing air conditioner to PeakSmart, you can apply for cashback of up to $400!

Residential customers can claim the cashback for up to 5 air conditioners and there is no limit for business customers1. Please note cashback is not available on air conditioners connected to an economy tariff (for example Tariff 33 Economy).  The cashback is based on the cooling capacity (measured in kW) of the air conditioner:

  • $200 cashback – 4kW to less than 10kW cooling capacity
  • $400 cashback – 10kW or more cooling capacity.

There are two ways to get cashback

  1. Install a new PeakSmart air conditionerIf you’re thinking of purchasing a new air conditioner, it makes sense to buy one that’s PeakSmart capable so you can get cashback. PeakSmart air conditioners work just like ordinary air conditioners and most leading brands offer a range of PeakSmart models. Your installer needs to make your air conditioner PeakSmart Active when they install it, OR
  2. Convert your existing air conditioner to PeakSmartPeakSmart air conditioners have been around since 2011. So if you installed a new air conditioner in the last five years, it may be a PeakSmart model. If it is contact your local installer so they can come to your home or business to convert it to PeakSmart Active. Some installers may do this for free, provided there aren’t any complications, and be reimbursed through the Incentives program.

For more information about the peaksmart program visit: or phone Siv Air direct.